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How Pizza Brand Attract The Customers Through Printed Pizza Boxes


Why Printed Boxes?

Do you get attracted to a product that is packaged in a basic plain box and has nothing to explain or attract? Or would you prefer a packaging that clearly describes what’s inside the box and why you should buy it? Definitely the latter one, right? This is why you should have printed pizza boxes to attract the customers and not to be anonymous anymore. They put forward your brand in front of customers in a matter of seconds. These boxes present pizzas to them in a way that they would appreciate. The details you put on the customization of these boxes are noticed by the clients and help build an image of your brand in their minds. Personalized pizza boxes printed with your company name and logo effectively help in giving your brand recognition in the market and differentiate it from your competitors. The mouth-watering graphics printed on them tempt the customers to have what’s inside of them.

Now let us head towards some tips to get the most out of them. 

Consumption Gadgets:

Taking care of customers’ convenience while creating your customized pizza boxes can help your brand receive an acknowledgment. Those who are getting the pizzas delivered to their offices or some parks would appreciate it if the boxes have inserts for ketchup and toppings. You can also have a separate section made in them for adding spoon and fork as an additional consumption gadget. These extra features will ensure their convenience while making them enjoy the deliciousness of your pizzas without any mess.

Fun Facts:

You can let the customers engage with your boxes while they enjoy their slices. Get some fun facts about pizzas printed on the boxes to make their experience with you interesting and unforgettable. For instance, you may let them know that the average American eats 23 pounds of pizza per year, or women are twice as likely as men to order vegetarian toppings on their pizzas. Display such interesting information on your personalized pizza boxes and help people know more about their favorite food items. It will not only excite them but give them the impression that you are a dedicated pizzeria. You have a deep research on what you are selling and also have an eye on people’s behaviors and perceptions about it.

Value Added Offers:

You can market your business effectively through your Pizza boxes. One helpful way is by getting special offers printed on the face of the boxes that can be of value for the customers. Who doesn’t like to have discounts or free items? Convey that you are offering discounts like buy one get one free or have free drinks with certain deals. Providing coupons is also a great idea to attract customers. Display such offers on your boxes and see the magic. 

Include Games:

By printing some games on your cardboard pizza boxes you can entice the customers to prefer your pizzeria over all the rest. Games like tic tac toe or hangman would be a great idea. Attach a pencil or pen with the box printed with your logo to help people play the game. It will let them have a good time while reviving their old school memories. You can also have some outlines printed on the boxes that kids would love to complete. It will draw more family traffic in your restaurant and thus help boost your business.

Exhibit your Values:

Exhibit your brand values through your pizza packaging and let the customers know if you are working for some social or environmental cause. Like you may add a few lines that a certain part of your revenue is donated for a social cause. Or you are using organic and recycled paper for your boxes to reduce the carbon footprint as a step towards a greener planet. Anything that generates a soft corner in the hearts of customers for your brand should be added to your customize pizza boxes.

Pizza boxes designed by implementing the above-mentioned tips will definitely give a quick boost to your sales. But do not overlook the taste of the pizzas inside these attention grabbers. Well-designed Pizza boxes Melbourne are used extensively in the Australian market and enjoying the same demand in other countries as well.