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The Anatomy Of A Great Corrugated Packaging

The Anatomy of a Great Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging is the most reliable packaging in the market because of its sturdy features. It utilizes E-flute corrugated material in its composition. This material is famous for its strength. Unique color schemes and themes make it more attractive. Digital, offset, and screen printing methods increase the overall appearance of the packages. Different shapes and sizes for the packages make them a perfect carrier for products. Finishing techniques such as matte, gloss, and spot UV increase the appeal. Embossing beautiful patterns make them a better catch for brand promotion. Lamination helps in fighting against the stains of oils, dust, and grease during shipping.

Corrugated Packaging offer enhanced protection to products. They are widely used by industries to make sure the safest deliveries of their products. They bear impacts and absorb shocks during movement from the manufacturing facility to the shelves. It is a great investment to use them for your businesses. This article will describe the complete anatomy of these packages. It will help you understand the strength of these packages.

Corrugated composition:

The corrugated box utilizes e-elute corrugated material. This material is famous for its strength. The durability of the packages increases by this material. There are linerboards and heavy paper medium. Linerboard is the outer surface. It is flat. The purpose of the liner board is to attach to the medium. The second part is medium. It is wavy and fluted. It is present between the liners. Both of these parts have a special material used in them. It is popularly known as containerboard.

The length of the board varies according to the various combination of liner board and mediums. 

Single face utilizes one cardboard material glued to one flat sheet. It has the flute exposed in this structure. In a single wall, two linerboards are covering the corrugated medium. It is also called the double face. The double-wall structure contains three layers of linerboards. Two mediums are present in between these three layers. The triple wall structure has more strengths. It has four layers of linerboards. There are three mediums present in this structure. 

Flute Facts: 

Corrugated boxes have various flutes profiles in them. Large flutes profiles are important for the delivery of products by providing them great cushioning. They have great vertical compression strength. Small flute profiles deliver quality for better graphic designing capacity and enhanced structure for retail products.

There are five most common types of flute profiles. The A-flute profile is the original corrugated flute design. B-flute is available for canned foods. Shipping cartons utilize C-flute. E and F flute profiles are common in use for small retail packages. One piece of combined liner board can have several flutes. For example, an A-flute medium can have the walls of C-flute layers. Combining flutes will help in increasing the strength. It increases the cushioning abilities of the packages. Thickness and adjustments become easy when you are using these profiles of flutes. 

Measurements of the box:

Corrugated packaging boxes have unique dimensions of length, width, and height. Length is always the longest dimension. It is kept long to make sure that all kinds of products can fit into the box. Width is always the shortest dimension. The measurements of the width are available with the opening of the box. The depth of the box depends upon the distance between the opening section and the opposite panel.

These packages are generally measured from all dimensions. The measurements from inside are mostly accurate. The thickness of the boxes may vary. The dimensions of the box with the A-flute profile will be different from the ones with the C-flute dimension. Outer dimensions are also kept in consideration for shipping purposes. These dimensions help in the accurate fitting of the products for all kinds of heavy goods.


Custom corrugated packaging has different folders in them. They are the combination of different pieces of combined boards. Folders have an unbroken surface at the bottom. This surface is present to fold around the product. There are different folding styles available for these packages. One-piece folder contains one piece of board. This helps in providing a flat bottom. Sides and ends are present because of the forms. The extensions of these side flaps will meet at the top. 

Another famous style of the folder is the five-panel folder. It is a single-cut folder. The fifth panel is present in the scored piece. It acts as a closing flap. This flap helps in the complete covering of the panel. Trays are also present in the structure of the folder. They consist of a single piece from the cardboard. The bottom of the trays is always unbroken. There are several layers of corrugated material in the end panel. These trays are used for delicate parts and mail services.

Interior forms:

Cheap corrugated packaging utilizes interior forms in its structure. There are a variety of build-ups present for these packages. Different inner packing pieces, dividers, and partitions are present. These interior forms help in providing cushioning to your products. The die-cut shapes can be formed by using these packages. Pads, packages, insets, and inner tubes are present for these interior forms. Most of the common types the die-cut interior forms. It increases the visibility of the packages as well. 

Additional features: 

Best corrugated packaging has many other features as well. Along with the structural changes, there are options for designing and customization. You can make them of different sizes. Embossing and finishing techniques help in increasing the overall look of these packages. Lamination increases the durability of your boxes. The attention of the customer increases by adding unique color themes and designs. All of these comprise the anatomy of the packages.

Corrugated Printed Packaging is popular because of its long-lasting features. There are many things included in the anatomy of it. The packaging utilizes a medium and layers of corrugated material. Multiple interior forms and folders are used to protect the products. Trays and dividers increase the shock-absorbing capacities. Measurements and dimensions play an important role in the fitting of the product.