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Why Cardboard Boxes Are Reliable For Packaging The Products


Cardboard packaging, over the years, has proven to be highly effective in protecting all kinds of items from getting damaged. Given below are the reasons what makes it suitable for the packaging industry to use it:


Cardboard has been in use for packaging for a long time now. It has placed itself as one of the most reliable and strongest materials available for packaging today. Almost every delicate item is being packaged using printed cardboard boxes. The reason for this is the structure of a cardboard box. Cardboard has got layers that provide an automatic cushion to the products that are being stored in it. Its structure has layers that strengthen each other and provide effective protection from damaging jolts during transportation or rough handling of items. Consider all kinds of eatables. Most of them require effective protection for keeping their freshness intact. Sometimes, they have to be transported hundreds of miles away. In such scenarios, perishable items are most susceptible to damage. But custom printed cardboard boxes can protect such items while keeping them fresh. It keeps moisture and humidity at bay, which is essential to protect food items. So no matter how long the distance is, cardboard ensures that edibles arrive at their destination fresh and preserved. Usually, materials other than cardboard require extra cushioning because they are not as strong and are more prone to damage. The protective factor of these boxes can be increased further by adding more layers of cardboard. This adds more cushioning to the structure of packaging and it becomes better at resisting shocks. Tear resistance is another important factor that is sometimes forgotten by brands. Cardboard has high tear resistance which means it can withstand a lot of pressure coming from its surroundings that can cause tear on its surface.


Every product is not produced similarly. Products come in hundreds of different sizes, shapes, and textures. But to store all of them, a reliable material is needed that is flexible enough to be given different shapes. It should also allow different sizes to be easily made from it. The size of packaging matters a lot because it decides whether a product fits inside it or not. If the size of the packaging is too large for a product, there will be safety concerns. Due to excessive jolts and movements, the product would not stay put at one spot and could get damaged. On the contrary, if the size of the packaging is too small, the product will be squeezed inside it and could break upon further pressure. Cardboard box packaging allows manufacturers to make different sizes according to their needs. The best way to make a suitable box for any product is to keep a space of one to two inches between the product and the box. This way, cushioning can be added too if needed.

Certain protective layers also enhance the protection factor of cardboard. One of the most popular of them is the UV protective shield. UV rays are the Sun’s harmful radiations that can affect packaging. But a protective layer of UV coating minimizes the damage. Similarly, another protective layer can be added for protection from moisture. Although cardboard is strong enough to withstand mild levels of humidity, if it increases too much, this layer gives effective protection.

Environmental Friendly

As global warming is becoming more and more intense, the need for sustainable solutions for packaging is being felt more often. Waste is being generated at large levels which are harming the surroundings increasingly. Hence, all manufacturing industries are switching to materials that do not cause any harm to the ecosystem. Cardboard box packaging is the most eco-friendly solution to packaging available today. It is made from recycled materials. It is biodegradable which means it naturally decomposes. Moreover, it is also recyclable. It can be used several times until it breaks down completely. If a material can be used more than once, the waste created because it is automatically lower. And the need for producing new materials is also lessened.

Great for Branding

Companies require material for packaging that is not only protective but also offers a great opportunity for branding. Cardboard has both of these qualities. It has a suitable surface for all types of printing that are in use these days. Digital and offset printing are used for branding purposes for the packaging. Whether it is making intricate color patterns, printing fonts, or creating a logo, the cardboard surface is suitable for every type of printing work. It is also great for debossing and embossing, both of which are immensely popular branding techniques today. Cardboard is like a blank canvas on which any brand can use its creative ability to create a masterpiece.

The conclusion here seems to be clear: Cardboard is one of the most versatile materials out there that can be used for packaging. Its usage has been taken to the next level by cardboard boxes SydneyThey have set a trend of innovation and others are following in their footsteps. To make them further attractive for product manufacturers, packaging vendors offer wholesale cardboard boxes that lessen the worry of over-budgeting for numerous fresh businesses struggling to get established in the market.