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Why Movies Are Incomplete Without Popcorn Boxes


Historical Viewpoint:

Let us first dive into history to get some idea about how it all started. If we look into the prior times, it can be observed that movies and popcorns have a connection between them since long ago. Cinemas were invented in almost the 1920s in Europe. It took them a few years to attract a huge number of customers. It was in 1927 that the cinema got famous among people and started observing a huge audience in its shows. That was the time when popcorns got rage in this industry. It was mainly because the movies were even longer than a couple of hours and people had to get a convenient food item with them to satisfy their cravings at that time. Popcorns were a famous snack in those times. Being a light, handy, affordable and a mess-free snack, people found it best to get popcorn boxes with them and munch on these crunchy snacks while enjoying their favorite movie.

Popcorns or Cinemas? 

There came a time too when popcorns caused a drawback in the cinema industry. Yes, it will surprise you but people actually preferred popcorns over cinemas when they were stopped from bringing their favorite snack into the halls. As popcorns were sold in carts out of the cinema halls in those times, people used to buy them from the vendors and bring them into the halls with them. Theatre owners did not like it as they thought this local street food in their high-end theatres does not complement their reputation. As a result, they imposed a ban on bringing these snacks into the theatres. You would not believe how immensely it influenced cinemas. People literally stopped coming into the theatres and it caused a huge loss to the cinema industry. This made the owners think of a new strategy to revive their business. As a result, they made tuck shops in the cinemas and started selling popcorns in quality custom popcorn boxes. It worked out for them and the movie halls again stared observing a huge audience. And from that time onwards, the trend has kept on growing.

Why only Popcorns?

Although a lot of other snacks were introduced in the market to pair up with this much-loved snack, no one could stand with it. However, there was a single snack that was accepted by the audience after the popcorns and that was potato chips. But popcorns still managed to remain on top of the list. This is because people love the aroma of them spread all over the hall when they enter it. Their crunchy sound and the scrumptious taste are difficult to find in any other snack. This is why these perfect snacks packed in attractive printed popcorn boxes have become a part of every movie night now.

Revolution in Trend:

The trend is prevailing till today but innovations continue to happen to entice the people with something new. A lot of flavors have been introduced by the popcorn suppliers like caramel, jalapeno, buttery and nutty ones to offer a wide variety to customers. Not just the taste, their packaging trends also keep improving. Brands are now using customize popcorn boxes by stylizing them in attractive ways to appeal to the customers and give exposure to their business. It has further enhanced the sales of these snacks by enhancing their alluringness. Customization surely increases the cost of the boxes but it is reduced when bought in bulk as most of the manufacturers offer wholesale popcorn boxes at much-discounted rates. 

So it is clear from the discussion that popcorns have a great role in the survival of the movie industry. It has become a trend that these snacks are a part of every movie hall or even in the houses during watching movies or series, they are found in the hands of everyone. The crunchiness and aroma of these snacks are never competed by any other snack. This is why they are relished all over the world by people of all ages. Popcorn boxes Australia are extensively used for popcorn packaging as they add to the attractiveness of these scrumptious popcorns.