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Shipping is one of the trickiest stages in the consumer supply chain for the manufacturers as every product is highly prone to damage due to high risks of mishandling and knocking in the process. It is always on the packaging design to keep the product safe during transit. The selection of a protective packaging style can be difficult as there is a variation in designs available in the market. Some manufacturers prefer to use custom inserts in their packaging style for bracing the encased item in place while others prefer to use padding materials. The use of inserts boxes is one of the most effective styles of packaging as these containers can be tailored according to need and are also highly customizable in nature.

Why this style?

There are some key benefits of using inserts boxes over any other style of packaging solution as these containers are superior in functionality due to quality construction and can perform their functions effectively. These cases are produced out of quality cards stock materials such as corrugated cardboard, Bux board, Eco-friendly Kraft material, and E-flute materials. This style of construction is also effective in covering heavy items as you can tailor the containers in accordance with the dimensions of products and can die-cut the custom inserts for housing the items properly. Moreover, the choice of materials is also effective in providing an elevated level of protection to the items.

Customizable nature

The visual appeal for any item matters as it is always on the visuals to appeal to more majority of the audience in an effective way. The visual appeal of your product packaging can always make a difference during the promotional processes. You can elevate the presentation of your packaging design by making use of custom printing on these cases by utilizing eye-popping graphics and illustrations. Numerous customization options are available for these containers, and you can make use of printing in both PMS and CMYK formats along with other options such as gluing, perforation and custom cut out windows for providing the enhanced presentation to the packaged product. Different laminations and finishes such as matte and gloss UV can also be utilized for enhancing the feel of these printed inserts boxes.

Dynamic protection

Protection of the encased product is the main feature of packaging, and any packaging solution which is unable to perform this task can be considered useless. This insert packaging design is effective in keeping the products safe during transit and storage phases as they are manufactured of high-end card stock materials which are effective in protection due to the sturdy nature and can also withstand the high pressures exerted during the stacking of containers. This custom inserts packaging can also be die-cut internally to make inserts for housing the products in an effective way. Such a design of encasement can help in bracing the item in an exact place and can omit any risk of product displacing. Moreover, the custom lid can also be used on these containers to keep all sorts of other contaminants such as dust and water out of the case, which can also result in damaging the product.