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Terms and Conditions

With the use of our website, you agree to the following terms and conditions. CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au holds the right to make alterations and amendments to any time, even without prior notice. We desperately encourage you to visit this page regularly to remain updated with possible amendments.

CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au owns the resources we create and use in manufacturing your printed product. We do not sell or give these resources to any other entity. We hold the right to issue free samples of your printed merchandise and to utilize them on our website for the exhibition. 

Copyright Notice

By using our website, you are acknowledging that all the available content on this website is the property of CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au and third-party providers. Our “Website Contents” include data, text, images, software, graphics, visuals, maps, illustrations, designs, logos, and icons, along with other materials. It is prohibited to make modifications, copy, storage, transmission, republishing, and otherwise distribution or use of “Our Website contents” without our written agreement.

User Conduct on our website

For the content that you will send, upload, transmit to, or through our website, posts, you will be solely responsible for it. You agree that the materials you will use to send, post, transmit, or distribute to or via our website, or use in link with “Our Website Contents,” will not be copyrighted by any third party unless you hold the suitable authorization from the respective possessors. You consent and permit that you shall not upload, send, post or distribute or otherwise transmit to or via our website any resources that are offensive, illegal or limit others from using our website or interfere with the intellectual property rights or other rights of CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au or any third party linked to it.

  • The legitimacy of User’s Content

We do not manage the contents that users or customers post, so we do not authenticate the integrity, precision, and quality of posted content. Similarly, we shall not be liable for the illegitimacy, offensiveness, or objectionability of the posted content that you may be exposed to.

You accept that CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au and its approved designing associates shall have the right, but not the responsibility, in their sole preference to eradicate any content that infringes the terms of service or may else be offensive. We may reserve content and can also reveal content if obligatory to do so by law or in the situation that such revelation is indispensable to

(a) meet the terms of legal process;

(b) impose the terms of service;

(c) answer to claims for infringement of the rights of third-parties; or

(d) defend the rights, possessions, or subjective protection of our website, its consumers and the community.

You should make available precise and promptly updated info for the dispensation of your orders and requirements. Our website is not to be used or retrieved by automatons or any other mechanical means. Deceitful use of our website not compatible with these terms of service will be litigated. 

  • Terms of Order Placement 

By making use of our website and placing an order for the required product, you confirm that you hold all the essential permissions, authority, and right to place an order. By doing so, you will be authorizing CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au to produce the required product on your behalf. To use our website and to place an order, you are required to confirm that you are of satisfactory legal age to create binding legal duties for any liability you may face as a result of using our website.

  • Protection of User’s Credentials

You are only liable for securing your password and regulating access to your listed account. You approve that you will be accountable and responsible for all orders and requirements placed or other activities that are taken from your registered account. While you, or somebody to whom you have given right to use, places orders consuming your PIN, you allow us the unobstructed royalty-free and non-exclusive authorization to use, replicate, sub warrant, alter, acclimate, distribute, demonstrate and generate imitative works from the material or content on the website and the reproduced item for storage of designs or handling print orders. 

Access to some segments of our website necessitates users to enlist their names and emails along with the formation of a keyword for future admittance to the password fortified portion of our website. We hold the right to ask for more private and commercial data before we list your account with us. 

Only you are liable for the confidentiality of your passwords and pins. In case someone gains access to your passwords in any way, you agree that you will be liable for the actions made by such unauthorized use.

Your usage of our website establishes undertaking to assortment and use of your data as defined in CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au Privacy Policy. You approve that you declaim and comprehend our Privacy Policy, and your provided data will be used following our privacy policies.

Limitation & Indemnification of Liability

You affirm to indemnify, defend, and hold CustomprintedBoxes.com.au undamaged together with its directors, members, representatives, employees, suppliers, vendors, subcontractors and affiliates against and from any prerogatives, harms, in the incident that custody, claim or demand, or adjudication, act or ensuing is made or instigated against us, built upon, involving or ascending from the unproven illegal acts of the consumers, or claiming that the printing is done or product manufactured by us and ordered by the purchaser: (a.) trespasses any patent, copyright or another intellectual proprietary right of any individual; or (b.) comprises matter that is defamatory, insulting, libelous, outrageous or indecent; and (c) are the consequences of illegal access to any password-fortified area of our website. You shall guarantee and hold us undamaged against and from any damages, loss, cost, and expense arising from or linked to the Claim counting without constraint; (1.) guarding us in contradiction of any such Assertion (2.) disbursing any verdict or award; and (3.) compensating us for any legal dues and expenditures it judiciously suffers in retorting. 

Under no conditions, CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au together with its directors, members, representatives, employees, suppliers, vendors, subcontractors and affiliates will be responsible for any damage, demise, injury, claim, loss, the act of god, misfortune, postponement, or any unusual, disciplinary, incidental or resulting indemnities of any type whether depending on tort, contract, or else, which ascend out of or are in any fashion linked with any usage of our website or by any delay or failure to use our website, or for any material, data, software, services or products acquired via our website, even though a party has been directed off the prospect of such harms.

In no possibility shall our complete liability to you for all compensations, damages, and reasons of action as well as but not restricted to inattention, ascending from this settlement, or your use of our website surpasses the total paid by you to CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au for the order.

Return and Refund Policy

Due to the custom landscape of printing items and other services we offer, you are essentially needed to inform us at Customprintedboxes.com.au within 3 business days of order delivery, in case if you find the product damaged or incompetent to your required specifications. However, it will not make us liable to refund you but reprinting of your placed order if we find it defective or mistaken. The decision on the determination of the defect by our management will be final and is at our discretion.

To get the reprint of your original order, you need to submit digital photographs verifying the product flaws or return, at your expenditure. You have to dispatch the complete amount of the original order to us in 7 business days of receiving the delivery. Charges allied to the rushed orders dispensation are non-refundable.

Terms of Order Placement, Payment, and Cancellations

All pricing data on our website are presented in Australian Dollar (AUD). Payment for orders shall be made in Australian Dollar. Owing to custom nature of printing produces and other facilities we offer, we will not initiate functioning on your orders for printing jobs or other amenities up until a full reimbursement comprising all duties, tariffs, handling and shipping fees are remunerated by the credit card or paid by the user of our website with a permitted payment system.

As a fragment of order assignment, we need the users and clienteles of our website to accept proof of the printing merchandise or other facilities they ask for. Succeeding in the endorsement of proof by the clients, the printing jobs are directed to the press. When a printing job is accepted by the client and sent to the printing press or through our website, no alterations are permissible to the artwork archives, job stipulations, or printing turnaround period. You have a restricted time of 4-hours after agreement of the proof to withdraw your order. Such annulment will carry a fee of $25 and 5% of the total order sum earlier the order is negated. 

You can also annul orders further than 24-hour’s time perimeter. Such cancellation will cost you a charge of 50% of the total order expense to shelter work finished in our pre-press division and financial charges related to cancellation. However, we never pledge that your order will be annulled further than 24-hours’ time constraint. 

Design Orders

CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au does not issue compensations or credits for any design services orders. All the placed design orders are ultimate and non-refundable. 

  • Our Sales Tax Policy

We impose Sales Tax on orders received within Australia. If you are tax exempted, please make available your tax exemption license while placing order. 

  • Customers Submitted Artwork/Files

Our technicians and designers create hard or electronic copy proofs from the website operators or clients' provided artwork/files. We need that your submitted artwork/files should be at least 300 dpi resolutions at the closing size and in CMYK arrangement. If your documents are not compatible with the asked criteria, we will not be accountable for printing as indistinct, slanted, or pixilated, and color vicissitudes linked with alteration to CMYK.

You are liable for the exactitude of your print-ready artwork/files, together with any concerns as to the alignment or orientation of the sides of your submitted files. However, we take all imaginable precautions against forfeiture of your submitted artwork/files; we are not answerable for mutilation or forfeiture of your artwork/files. 

 Through uploading artwork/files to our website, you approve that you are the legitimate owner of all material you are providing us, or you have already gotten suitable rights to use such artwork. 

 We hold the right to decline any order, which in our view, may be unlawful in nature or a breach on the privileges of any third party. You undertake full legal liability for the content of artwork managed and printed on your behalf and per your guidelines. We keep the right to reject an order without revealing a reason. Please remember that we do not receive aggressive, offensive, or inappropriate material for printing.

  • Proofs and Color Accuracy

We oblige the customers and users of our website to commend proof (whether a hard copy or electronic file) of the printing items or other amenities they ask for. No job will be forwarded to the press without your endorsement of proof. Hence, you should log in to your account and check proofs. We are not accountable for postponements in the order instigated by the client's non-approval of the proof. Please comprehend that the turnaround times stated on our website starts after you authorize the proof. 

 Please appraise your proof carefully before authorization. You must check it beside the original file for probable errors in design, copy, typography, punctuation or image location and fraction, fleeces, crops, and final text. Electric proofs do not show limpidity, overprint issues, or color alteration from RGB or Pantone to CMYK. Please note that the application of UV lamination or coating may distress or change the look of the printed colors. We are not accountable for the final color look of coated products. 

  • Liability for Final Approved Proof

Purchaser is completely liable for all that is enclosed in the final approved proof. We will replicate the color from succumbed print-ready documents as carefully as possible, but cannot precisely match density and color. For a reason, that of characteristic restrictions with the printing procedure, as well as adjacent image ink necessities, the exactness of color imitation is not certain. By placing an order with us, you agree to this constraint. We will effort our best to bout the gradient thickness of every color, but we take no responsibility for color disparities between provided files and the final printed item or the real artwork or object they represent. Under no conditions will reproduction be privileged for color disparities that have happened during the printing course. We are not responsible for color toning or ink compactness on screen mockups that you approved. We will warranty color exactness and compatibility if you order us a hard copy proof. Please note that hard copy proof will price you a little more amount. 

  • No Liability for Errors

CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au is not responsible for inaccuracies in a final product instigated by any of the aspects such as misspelling, grammar, and punctuation, damaged fonts and graphics, bleeds, mistaken or missing folds, die lines, transparency, crop marks, overprint, cracks on folds, finished product size, and gang printing. www.customPrintedboxes.com.au does not make use of gang printing techniques for the most printing products. At times and depending on the requests of our singular customer website and user, we can choose a printing technique that is best suitable for a specific print item or items. 

  • Overruns Underruns

We will generally supply the exact quantity of merchandise ordered along a small extra amount. We will not charge for the extra amount. In the case of an underrun, we will charge for the tangible quantity delivered. We track the normally accepted trade exercise of supplying plus or minus 5% of the asked quantity.

Production Speed, Shipping and delivery of orders

Printing and production speed and turnaround time start afterward your artwork/files have been uploaded, appraised, and acknowledged by our pre-press division, you have permitted the press-ready proof and made a full payment plus applicable taxes, handling and shipping fees. In the course of the order placement procedure on our website, you have the right to select production speed, which designates the number of business days necessary for producing your order and preparing for dispatching to the shipping company for delivery. Your consent of proof must be given before 10 AM Central Standard Time.

We try our best to print and transport your orders in a timely style. In no situations shall CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au be accountable for any resulting damages from any delay in delivery. You approve not to hold CustomprintedBoxes.com.au responsible for postponements in shipments instigated by bad climate, distribution company deferments, customs problems, or any other positions outside our direct control. In case of postponement due to mechanical problems or equipment botch in the course of the printing process, rushed charges will be repaid. Orders cannot be annulled due to postponement in the printing procedure.

You approve to remunerate all customs duties and dues on products that are transported to their corresponding locations. The clients have to make arrangements to clear taxes for consignments transported outside Australia. 

CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au offers Standard 10 to 12 working days to deliver the product and 6 or 8 working days plan for rush shipping to any single location per order within Australia without any weight and quantity limit. Shipping to other destinations will be priced extra. We do not need warranty delivery and shipping times and are not blamable for postponement, harm, loss, or robbery to the printing goods in the course of shipping and delivery. CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au will not be responsible for indemnities that will take place in shipping. Lost or spoiled shipment entitlements can be filed after 6 working days from the order shipment date. 

If you give us an improper shipment delivery address or else make an error in the proposal of the whole delivery address, we will levy extra shipping and management duties for re-shipment. 

Right to Make Changes to our Website and Terms and Conditions

We have the right to modify any part or segment of our website and “Terms and Conditions” at any time with or without prior notice to the customers and users of our website. The alterations to our website will turn out to be part of our website, and the novel Terms of Services will be published on our website with immediate effect. Your constant use of our website afterward, such modifications are posted will establish your agreement to such modifications. 

How to contact CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au?

Please interact with us through email support@customprintedboxes.com.au or by calling (02) 7202-6015.

Signups for Free-Reseller Program:

CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au comprehensively offers free re-seller signups that can make possible up to 40% off on your standard quotations. All your impending inquiries are handled with reduced quotes. While treating the order, you can demand a form from our sales representative. Or mail us at support@customprintedboxes.com.au with the title “Re-seller form required.” We will provide you the form within 24hours of your application. You can acquiesce the form to support@customprintedboxes.com.au or your accounts manager.

We are strong-minded to deliver the best possible services at reasonable rates to our re-sellers. For further information and details, you can call us at (02) 7202-6015. 

Re-sellers may vend the product via their own channel, brand, websites, or stores. CustomPrintedBoxes.com.au may create certain promotion materials to Re-seller for use by re-sellers in advertising the products.